Thursday, May 29, 2008

28 Weeks!

Today I was seen by Dr. White - which made this my 28 week appointment! As mentioned in the last post, I was also seen last week, however Dr. White did nothing more than check my hydration and give me Zofran really. There was going to be NO mashing around on the tummy and definitely NO drinking of the super-sweet glucose tolerance drink! (I mean, come on, if I couldn't even keep little sips of water down...?) It's hard to believe that with my last pregnancy, I was already confined to the BED at this stage of the game.

All is looking well! They did my glucose tolerance test, which wasn't too bad. (Except my blood sugar felt "out of wack" all day - way thirsty, groggy, with a slight headache.) They said that they will call me if anything shows up abnormal, which we do not expect. I also got yet another RhoGam shot since I was blessed with being of O negative blood type - the universal donor. (Just how many of those things am I going to have to get anyway?! And, if any of my lovely readers out there work for Carter Blood Care, YES, I do donate when I am NOT pregnant or breastfeeding so don't call me right now!) I am "measuring" to be right around 28 weeks. As of now (it can still change), Gabe is head down, butt to the left of my belly button, and legs and arms squinched up to the right of my belly button. It made total sense to me, as I always feel the most movement on the right side of my belly button, and Jon has not only felt but even seen the ripples of movement on my tummy there! Other than that, not much to report. I go back in two weeks. It's hard to believe that I am not only in my third trimester, but getting oh so close to 30 weeks!

I'll try to get some pics of the growing tummy this weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend - BLAH!

Well, I've read so many peoples' great blogs about their wonderful Memorial Days Weekends. How fun! I must say, however, that our Memorial Day Weekend was one to soon be forgotten.

This will also explain why I never posted about my 27 week appointment with Gabe or the results of my glucose tolerance test (ie: to check for gestational diabetes).

So, last Tuesday - as in the 20th - the boys and I had a chiropractor appointment in Azle. Chiropractor? And all the way in Azle?

Yes - to step back a little - I have been seeing a chiropractor in Azle for over a month now. It seems that constantly lifting two 25+ pound boys while developing a belly - which completely throws off one's center of gravity - is not too good for the ol' spine. Go figure. So one day I REALLY did a number to it.

Yes, that is my tummy (cropped, obviously) all tilted from the crazy curvature going on in my back. And, yes, I am standing up straight - or at least trying to do so. Curves are normally a good thing - but when it's in your back, not so much!

Talk about OUCH! But, anyway, an old friend of mine is in fact a chiropractor! (Actually, I think I've know her since we were 10 years old or so!) I called her office up in dire pain one evening, and they got me in the next morning. I have to give her MAJOR props for "healing" me! I mean, as far as great healers go, in my mind right now, I think it is Jesus and then Jessi!

She even adjusts the boys for me every time I take them along. They are so cute on that big table! This might be TMI, but just to tell you all how sold I am on chiropractic care - even (and especially) for BABIES - Jacob used to have to get straight up prune juice about every other day or so to make him, well, poop. Since he has been getting adjusted, he goes "potty" every single day. I think he is a little mad that he has to get way diluted apple juice like brother now. ;-)

If anyone want more info or her info, please message me!

ANYWAY... so back to the NOW!

So after our chiropractor appointment last Tuesday, we met my mom for lunch at a BBQ place in Azle. (It's one of our absolute favorite places ever!) All four of us tore it up! However Caleb and I especially ate the cole slaw and veggies from the mini-salad bar, while my mom and Jacob had almost all meat. Didn't think much about it...

The next day, I feel puny and just sick. I wonder, however, if it is just a pregnancy thing, or did I pick something up.

Well, without getting too graphic, my mom calls me that afternoon, as I am lying in bed cramping, with some SEVERE diarrhea. So SHE is sick too! (We only saw her for about an hour that day - at lunch.) Then the boys get up from nap with green, nasty, foul smelling poop! YUCK - and here we go...

So by Thursday morning, we are all throwing up EVERYTHING! And it goes on... and on...


I had my 27 week appointment on Thursday, and went on in. If figure with all of the vomiting and diarrhea I had been having, Dr. White needed to check baby and I anyway.

Well, I was severely dehydrated - which is not good during pregnancy. They were worried about me having little Gabe early at this point!! So, after learning I CANNOT tolerate Phenergan (that's a whole 'nother crazy story!), he gave me Zofran pills every 8 hours so that I could keep sips of liquids down. The deal was I did not have to go to the hospital then (I just told him that, quite frankly, if it wasn't 100% necessary, I just didn't have time to go in!), but if I wasn't able to keep something down by that evening, in I went! I mean, come on, I am a nurse - a former Pedi Oncology Nurse at that - I know the routine of the little sips, Zofran, toast, etc. Might as well do that in the comfort of my own home where I can be with my babies, right?!

By Friday, I was still dehydrated, but it wasn't as severe and I SWORE I was improving gradually, so I was free to stay home through the weekend - thank God!

Well, Jacob and my mom get better rather quickly. (Remember how I said that they had almost all meat? Hmmm... coincidence?) Caleb and I, however, are puny and sickly throughout the weekend. But by Sunday, we are doing better... and Jon starts feeling bad.

And here we go AGAIN with him!!! (Perhaps he changed one too many of Caleb's nasty diapers? Not sure exactly, but he is running the same course as us.)

I THINK we will al be better to enjoy this weekend having fun! (Please God?!)

Anyway, more GOOD NEWS later!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Morning, Boys!

My friend who has quads, Suz, has a question/answer "series" going on on her blog right now, and she responded to the question "What is your favorite part of the day with the quaddies?" by saying it is "early in the morning when I go to get them out of their cribs."

I definitely agree that that is ONE of my favorite parts of the day with the boys too!!

Her answer reminded me of our Mother's Day morning video! Disclaimer: ignore my singing - it's our "tradition" to sing the "Good morning song" every morning! Also know that I usually wait until they are up and going before I go get them out of bed, so "Wake-Up Time" is a lot more fun when they are awake and jumping up and down laughing. Nonetheless, watching them rub their sleepy little eyes is priceless too. (We had to get them up before they were ready so that we could go see all of the family for Mother's Day!)

Also you get a good shot of my 26 week belly!!


I'll try to use my Mother's Day gift to get a GOOD, funny one of the boys waking soon.

OHHHHH.... really quick...

My Mother's Day gift!

Flip Video: The Revolutionary Shoot and Share Camcorder

All Mommas should have one of these!! Basically you turn it on, and hit one button to start recording - the same button to shut it off. It then plugs straight into the computer and can upload the videos straight to YouTube, if desired. It is so small that it even fits into my "zoo purse." (The tiny purse that I strap around my neck that holds all of our really important thing - wallet, camera, keys - so that if someone snatches the diaper bag from the back of the stroller, they are stuck with only diapers, wipes, sippies, and Goldfish!) I was surprised that The Flip takes such good quality videos for being so small and simple!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Walk this way..."

Yes, I am posting not just one but TWO posts in one night. This has GOT to be a record. ;-)

As you know, we are/were starting to get a wee bit concerned about the boys not yet walking at 15.5 months. To be proactive, we had an appointment scheduled with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) on May 30th. Well, I guess little "Jakey" didn't think that was very necessary. I'll let the video explain:

Until tonight, Jacob had not even yet STOOD on his own (without holding on to something else). Jon and I were sitting on the couch watching the Ranger Game, and I look over to see Jacob stand! I quietly said, "Jon, JON, look NOW..." and about that time Jacob TOOK OFF! So both Mommy and Daddy were there to see it!

He then proceeded to stand, walk a few feet, fall, laugh, stand, walk a little, fall, giggle, etc. for about 30 minutes straight!

As you can see in the video, Caleb is mad that Jacob got so much attention tonight. I made a point to tell him before bedtime how well behaved he was today, how he was "talking big" earlier, and that I am very proud of him - but that's not enough for my little "Cay-Cay," so I have a feeling he'll soon be walking too. A little twin competition is not ALWAYS a bad thing. ;-)

We are going to go ahead and keep the ECI appointment since we have it. Might as well check out their speech while they are here!


Coming soon:
* I still have tons of Zoo pics accumulating ;-)
* Our over-night family weekend road trip to College Station to watch TWO Aggie baseball games!
* Tomorrow (05-23) I have my 27 week check to see how Baby Gabe is doing and the ever-so-fun CBC and Glucose Tolerance Test - YUM!

My First Night Away From the Boys!

I am a few weeks late in posting this, but April 25 - 27, I had my very first overnight away from my boys. It was sad, but all FOUR of us did well (Jon, Jacob, Caleb, and myself)! Jon handled having the boys solo like a champ, even putting together Gabe's crib while I was gone, which was a nice surprise to come home to! Like I said, this was almost a month ago now, but here was my 23 week pregger tummy during that weekend:

I like that shot. It almost looks as if I am taking Baby Gabe to the Prom or something. hehehe

So where the heck was I? Abilene! Why Abilene, Texas of ALL PLACES to go for my first two nights away you may ask? That was the site of the 2008 Texas Mothers of Multiples Convention! I was one of the 16 ladies representing McMoms (Mid-Cities Mothers of Multiples). Here is a picture of most of our group. An interesting tidbit - between the 15 lovely ladies in this picture, we have 45 children!!

Yes, we were THRILLED to get a group shot in front of Outback in our cool matching shirts. We are Moms of Multiples - we don't get out much!

Here's another picture of our group at the Awards Banquet:

Don't we all clean up nice?!

Lastly, I had some BIG NEWS that Saturday night. As many of you know, I have been doing the McMoms Newsletter and website since June of last year. It was TOUGH doing it with twin babies (I started when they were only 4 months old), but my stubborn self pushed through and did it to the absolute best of my ability. We'll my hard work paid off, as McMoms was awarded First Place Newsletter state-wide in the extra large club category! So, I am no longer practicing as a nurse, but I am "technically" an award-winning editor! hehehe What a fun surprise to a great weekend!

Next year's Convention will be in Arlington (right in our backyard!), so even though I will have a baby who will most likely still be nursing, I can still go again!! (Just probably not stay the night.)

This post is probably a little abrupt and not very "grammar-friendly," but I've been wanted to share my first get-away experience for, well, a month now. ;-)

I have lots more to blog about, and will hopefully get to it in the next couple of days!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Kids on the Block!!

I am sure all of those other former "Blockheads" out there already knew that NKOTB is getting back together!! But you may not know that they are going to be on the Today Show to kick off their new tour tomorrow morning!!! (I have already Tivo'd it.) Why am I all freakin' giddy about this?!

Here's a few videos that took me back, as I saw this on MSNBC this afternoon.

Being a little hick girl from Azle, Texas, with a MEGA Southern accent that everyone thought was "so cute," I was so intrigued by their cool Boston accents!

OK, let's do a little roll call - I had the hots for Jon, the "older man!" I wonder if I subconsciously fell for MY Jon for this reason... hmmmm... hehehe... ;-) Most everyone else liked Jordan. I know for a FACT that my friend, Bonnie, liked Joey, because we would sit in my room looking at our NKOTB cards all day, probably around the Summer of '88 or so!!

OH, and just a disclaimer to my younger friends and family who don't have a clue as to what I am talking about or who NKOTB are: you WILL look at the Jonas Brothers or WHOEVER else in 2028 and get all excited again and remember how stupid you once were! Let an "old lady" have her moment. hehehe

I could go on... but probably shouldn't, as I have GOT to get my butt back into 2008 and fold some laundry, steam some veggies, make dinner, and pack for this weekend before my crazy little toddlers wake up from their nap!!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Another update on the boys!

Their "speech" is going well, as they are babbling out lots of "words" now. I still use the term "words" loosely, as most of their constant talk is still just babble. They do spit out a few words here and there though, oftentimes repeating what Jon or I just said!

A while back now Jacob said "ahhhsssssh, ahhhsssssh!" Well, try to say that word out loud - sounds pretty bad. I knew that I hadn't had road-rage with him in the car, causing him to pick any "naughty words," (hehehe) so I just thought it was more babble and ignored it. (Not wanting to reinforce a bad word!!) Well, Jacob went on and on with it, becoming more persistent, and pointing as he screamed "ahhhssssssssh!!" Finally we were relieved when he pointed to our EYES and said "ahhhssssssssh!!!" I felt terrible that I ignored him as he was being such a big boy by pointing out Mommy and Daddy's "ahhhssshhh" to us! We are careful to REALLY enunciate the word "EYES" to him though! ("Good boy, Jacob, those ARE Mommy's *wide open mouth* EEYYEEES!!")

So, yes, about half of the time when you ask them to point to a certain body part, they will do it. (Other times they don't want to "play along," and will just giggle, point back at you, or something else equally silly!) They are pretty good at labeling eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Another thing that they can point out is their Baby Brother. When you ask them "where's your baby brother," they will not only point at my tummy, but also feel the need to raise up my shirt and point to my belly button. Who knows where they got that - silly guys!

Caleb is not as "vocal" as Jacob, but really seems to understand most everything we say to him. He is quick to follow instructions - when he WANTS to! He is my little guy who turns his toys upside down to see how they work. He often squinches up his little face when he is thinking, like he is really trying to soak it all in.

They latest and greatest "trick" is that they will raise they hands. For example, I'll say "raise your hand if you're a good boy," and I have two little boys looking at me very seriously with their hand up straight and high. (The teachers are goin g to love them!) We got a good laugh this past weekend while out with some of Jon's friends when they asked "raise your hand if you want a beer!" They both dropped what they were doing, got some way serious looks on their faces, and those hands darted UP! (No, Mommy didn't give in to that request!)

Our intake appointment with ECI is May 30th - much quicker than I honestly had anticipated! I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Another thing to mention, just so I can include these hilarious pics:

The boys have really been trying hard to feed themselves with spoons for the last couple of months! I have to admit that they would do much better if I would let them try it more often, but well, as you can see below, IT IS SUCH A MESS!! I do try to suck it up and let them do it though. Caleb really feels like a big boy, and will work very hard to use his spoon for every last bite, even though much of it does end up on him. Jacob on the other hand "gives up" after several bites and just uses the tools that God gave him - his hands! It could be oatmeal, soup, whatever, and Jacob will find a way to get every last bite in his mouth. The irony of it all is that Caleb, who uses the spoon, make a much bigger mess than Jacob, who uses his hands! Go figure.

An action shot of Caleb taking a bite of breakfast

Jacob using the eating utensils that God gave him (notice the spoon sitting next to his bowl)

Caleb is SO PROUD to be a big boy!

OK, I know I really shouldn't encourage this kind of behavior by going for my camera, but, my goodness, Daddy HAD to see what his "sweet little Jake-Jake" did at lunch when he got home from work!!

Another change for the boys is that we have moved them to the "BIG TABLE" when Mommy and Daddy eat! They can snack on crackers and have a sippy with us, or we can feed them there, but I still won't let them use their spoons on the nice table now, for obvious reasons! But we'll get there. It's nice to all sit together as a family though. (They are getting to be such big boys!)

Other things I need to post about:

1. Our love of the ZOO, along with some pics of several of our recent visits!
2. Me going out of town (spending my first night EVER away from the boys) for the Texas Mothers of Multiples Convention in Abilene.

Monday, May 5, 2008

15 Months!

A quick update on the goobers:

We had our 15 month appointment on Friday, and all is still going and progressing well! I was very shocked to hear their weights, as I was SURE that they had both gotten to the 30 pound mark, or at least close to it.

Jacob is now 33 inches long (97th percentile) & 25 pounds even (60th percentile)

Caleb is now 32.25 inches long (85th percentile) & 25 pounds 12 ounces (70th percentile)

Basically they are very tall and a little on the thin side. Trust me, though, it's NOT because the kids don't eat! Meal times are highlights of their day, and they thoroughly enjoy almost everything that I have given them. At this point, their favorites include ham, sweet potatoes, creamed spinach, Double-Cheese and Veggie Macaroni, Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Shells, watermelon (Jacob - not as much for Caleb), hummus on toasted wheat pita bread, baked potatoes with chopped barbeque and all of the other fixins, and their Daddy's cinnamon/sugar toast (they were introduced to it when I was out of town - I had no part of that!!). Of course, they really eat anything though.

Anyway, so they have only gained a pound each since their one year appointment three months ago. What's even crazier is that these boys were both over 20 pounds at their 6 month appointment! I guess becoming mobile and getting off "Mommy milk" has really slimmed them down.

Speaking of "mobile," no, the boys still are not walking!! Our doctor is not worried for several reasons. Even though they were very developed and huge for twins, they were still 3 weeks "premature." Another thing is that they are SO BIG that they have trouble keeping their balance. Also, boys do tend to walk later than girls...

Nonetheless, I called to make an appointment with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) to see if there is anything more that they can do to help them. Our thoughts? We're not too worried at this point, but will be concerned be in a couple more months. Well, it can take ECI up to a couple of months to see the boys, SO, if they are walking by the time their appointment rolls around, GREAT - I'll cancel it! If they are not walking, then we need to really do something by that point anyway! Hopefully the boys are just networking with "The Big Man" to test Mommy's patience! hehehe

Other than that all is going along well! They boys are down napping and I have a lot to get done, but I have more thoughts to put down later! (Hopefully sooner than later this time!! hahaha)