Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Losing our Bradford Pear

I moved to Keller in May 2003. I loved the house I bought (and we are still in), and a big part of the reason was the huge Bradford Pear Tree (Pyrus calleryana) in the back! I would not have chosen to plant the Bradford Pear (not a Texas native), but I am glad the people before us did. It is tolerant of dry and hot conditions, good in full sun, and provides excellent shade. A couple of years ago, someone had mentioned to Jon that Bradford Pear Trees only live 15 - 20 years. Since our house was built in 1989 and we assume the tree was planted then, we knew that we didn't have much longer with our beloved tree. This Spring, the blooms were not as full, and it eventually died early this Summer. We are finally convinced that it is not coming back, and have someone out today to remove it. Looking back at pictures, I am really sad that we do not have many good ones of our tree (especially in full bloom in the Spring, when it was SO, so pretty). But here are a few:

The backyard before I bought the house in April 2003. (It looked way better after we gave it lots of TLC.)

One of my favorite pics of the twins, swinging in the tree October 2007.

Our tree during the "big snow," March 6, 2008.

Little Gabriel with a big tree, April 22, 2009 (Earth Day).

Yesterday, showing the size, yet dead branches.

Last night Jon took one last picture of me loving our tree (yeah, I am in my nightgown - so! hehehe).

We have a 15 foot Live Oak that will take it's place - but it really won't replace it. :-( More pics to come.