Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I cannot tolerate artificial sweeteners. The commercials that compare Diet Dr Pepper to donuts, cookies, cake, or some other dessert just tick me off. Diet drinks just taste like nasty chemicals to me. Yup - I can taste Splenda too. YUCK!

2. On that note, I have a difficult time drinking a full can of "coke" (any type of soda) in one setting. 99 times out of 100, I'd much rather just have water.

3. The exception is Dublin Dr Pepper! I can slam back one of those no problem. YUM!

4. I love music - any type of music. However the two I listen the most on the radio are ol' school R&B (think 80s/90s - 107.5 FM) and Christian. Try combining Chris Tomlin with some LL Cool J... "you placed the stars in the sky, and I'm gonna knock you out - HUH..." (OK, that's just wrong!)

5. I am blood type O negative - the "universal donor" - therefore get calls from Carter Blood Care often.

6. In addition, I am CMV (cytomegalovirus) negative, so my blood is the only type that can be given to preemies in the NICU. (We have no idea how I am CMV negative, as I went to public schools, was a pediatric nurse for almost 5 years, and a public health nurse for 2 years before having kids of my own!)

7. I carried my twin boys (in utero) up the Notre Dame Cathedral Bell Tower and then hiked over to Sacre-Coeur. (Whew!)

8. I have lots and lots of Titanium in jaw/mouth from a HUGE craniofacial surgery in December 2001.

9. I love Colorado and the mountains, but hate being cold!

10. A doctor once separated my mom and I for questioning, thinking that my parents were abusive since I showed up one week with bad whiplash and the next week with a concussion and extreme bruising from my face down to my hips. I mean, why's it hard to believe that a young lady tried to ride a steer and then fell off of a horse running full speed the next weekend?! It's all really funny now...

11. I've gotten into leeches while hiking in the Himalayas (India)!

12. I have an irrational fear of snakes. Nope, being in India in 2002 when it wasn't the safest time to be there wasn't scary at all... but don't even get me anywhere the snake house at the zoo!

13. One of my few regrets is not trying out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders when I had the chance.

14. Another regret is not becoming a Thespian.

15. Part of the reason (for both) is that I was PAINFULLY shy and insecure about myself up until recently.

16. I have an weird gift of remembering lyrics - especially obnoxious jingles/commercials. Anyone remember the McDonald's menu song from 1989 (the little records - yes RECORDS - that you received in the mail)? I do - every word of it.

17. I have seen Rocky Horror Picture Show (the live, participation ones - not just the movie) multiple times. I still remember most of the audience participation part, since I have that kind of crazy memory.

18. About the only thing I am "intolerant" of is "intolerant people."

19. I make up ridiculous nicknames for my kids. Crazy names such as "Jakey Juice" for Jacob, "Queso" (or "Cay-so") for Caleb, and "Gabril Goo" (spelling intentional - said "Gay-bril") for Gabe. They all have stories behind them, most of which were created in a sleep deprived state.

20. I took Ballroom dance lessons before Dancing with the Stars made it cool. I got pretty good too! I'd LOVE to pursue it again now, but my "partner" (Jon) isn't on board! :-)

21. I am certified through the Radiant Child Yoga program to teach kids yoga, but have never taught a formal class.

22. I find dry, stupid humor, like Napoleon Dynamite and "Your Mama" jokes very funny!

23. I am glad that I get to stay home with my kids, but I REALLLY miss being a nurse.

24. If I wasn't married with kids, I'd probably be in the Peace Corp or a nurse in a third world country (most likely India).

25. I am addicted to Sprout's Farmers Market. I love that place!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"That fat dude who wants to eat my cookies?!"

In December, we found that Jacob is cool with Santa, but Caleb is definitely not. If Jon held Caleb - not me, but JON - then all was fine, but no body better DARE try to put him on Santa's lap! We took the boys to Bass Pro Shop on Black Friday to get out a little and see Santa, and we found this out LOUD and clear. Caleb was fine and happy in line and walking up, but when he turned to actually SEE Santa, he bolted. Jacob shook Santa's hand, waved "hi," and even blew kisses. In attempt to actually get a picture with all of the boys and Santa together, Santa held Gabe, Jon held Caleb BEHIND Santa, and I knelt next to Santa with Jacob. By the time we figured out the logistics of that, Gabe decided that he was tired and had enough. Here was our result:

Wow - is Gabriel ever ticked off?! Notice his tight hold on Santa beard (which was his real beard, by the way) - OUCH! So we didn't get a prefect picture with Santa, but won't this be fun to show the boys in several years?!

Itty Bitty Stinker!

I really suspected that Gabe was/is smaller than the boys were at his age, but it was confirmed on December 18th at his 4 month appointment.

At 4 months, Jacob was:
18 lbs. 7 oz. (97th + percentile) & 27.25" (97th + percentile)

Caleb was:
17 lbs. 15 oz. (97th percentile) & 26" (90th percentile)

Jacob and Caleb at 4 months

And Gabe was (drum roll, please):
13 lbs. 14 oz. (30th percentile) & 25" (50th percentile)

Gabriel at 4 months

I still cannot figure out HOW Gabe is so much tinier than his TWIN brothers! Not only did he not have to share womb space and had more time to grow in utereo, but he also did not have to share "Mommy milk" with a brother. I guess he just got smaller genes.

But what he "lacks" in size, he definitely makes up in strength and energy!

He can sit up with very little support,

can bounce like crazy in his Jumperoo,

can hold his head up high for long periods,

can stand well with little support,

as well as roll from his back to tummy and tummy to back.

He loves to imitate his big brother (God help me!) by squealing and "talking" back to them, smile, and laugh. Gabriel is such a good, sweet little guy.

December 2008

NOTE: I am way behind on blogging between Christmas Parties, MOPS, McMoms, church, seeing family and friends, and all of us being sick YET AGAIN (vomiting/diarrhea, then sinus infections for Caleb and I, an ear infection for Jacob, Jacob getting a BAD rash from Penicillin on Christmas night, Jacob still having an ear infection, and then vomiting/diarrhea AGAIN). So I thought I would go back and hit a couple high points rather than recapping all of December like I have done in the past.

If you want to check out all of our pictures for the month, however, see:

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and great start to 2009!