Saturday, September 27, 2008

Almost October...

Those who know me know that I don't have secrets - unless it was one that someone else confided in me. Those who know me also know that I love Halloween! Last year the twins were Pooh and Tiger, and adorable!

Since they are older and will have more fun with it this year, I had to think of something else equally fun.

I had several thoughts, but due to my bargain finds, we have a winner! Here is a sneak preview of our Halloween costumes. (Do you REALLY think I could have kept it a secret for another month?!)

I got the twins' costumes from my Mothers of Multiples group's Garage Sale. I saw the bears on Friday night and got two for $5 each. The next day I saw some tigers that I did not see the night before, and got an idea...

I had to call Jon at home anyway to ask him about something else, so I asked his thoughts. He loved it, so I went ahead and got two tigers for $6 each. (I only need one bear and one tiger, but since they are so cute, were so cheap, and the boys had so much fun just trying them on, we are keeping them all!)

I have found Gabe's on Craigslist, but just need to find the time to go pick it up. Mine is still in the works. Anyone care to guess what we are going to be?

I think I am going to keep the bears for next year (they are toddler size 2-4), find Gabe a bear costume as well, and get me a blonde wig (Goldie Locks and Her Three Little Bears).
Before the boys get old enough to veto my cheesy ideas, I need to also dress them as Three Little Birds and have Jon and I find some dreadlocks wigs and Rasta wear. (ARE there any other Bob Marley fans out there?!)

Can't wait to share the finally pictures!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our "Beast" of a Stroller

I've been wanting to show off one of our most recent big purchases:

The Foundations Quad - 4 Passenger/Dual Canopy Folding Stroller!

Yes, I am now the proud new owner of what many of my buddies with triplets or quads refer to as a "beast!" I now have three kiddos within 18 months of age, and NEED a way to transport them all (and keep them corralled) for more than several feet by myself!

You may be asking yourself at this point, "why does she need a quad stroller - Gabe wasn't really a twin, was he?!" Nope. And, NO, we are NOT pregnant again!! ;-)

We looked a few triple strollers, most of which are tandem - meaning front to back, however this seating arrangement minimizes the leg room for our already long-legged boys. There were a few out there with adequate leg room, however they have to be completely disassembled to store, which makes it hard to toss in the van and go. Our particular quad stroller is similar to the side by side stroller we currently have...

With this design, the two older boys can sit up front, having ample leg room, while Baby Gabe can sit in the back row - AND have an extra seat for Mommy's purse, three sippy cups, some Goldfish, etc, etc.

Jon and I had debated on if we were going to get a bigger stroller with Gabe's arrival, because of the boys getting bigger, etc. BUT, if I want to have the luxury of getting them all out solo, then I really would need it. We went back and forth, then when I ran into it on Craigslist, we jumped on it! (Plus the lady who had it also lives in Keller so we wouldn't have to drive far - was it meant to be or what?!) The seats will hold up to 40 pounds each and recline independently, so we should be able to use it for a while longer.

I have to laugh, as this "beast" has an "innovative SafeBrake System to engage when the parent releases the handle eliminating the risk of a runaway stroller."

Hehehe - runaway stroller... nice image in my head...

There are also huge storage baskets at the bottom of the stroller for when I need to take all three boys along with me to Spouts. (I seriously use our "under stow" for a shopping cart when I have the boys along!)

I like that this stroller also folds up to fit in the back of the Odyssey so I don't have to use a separate trailer (seriously, some of the "beasts" do require a special trailer!) or disassemble each seat prior to storing it.

After getting out the stroller and playing a little, I now see why some of my triplet and quad buddies lovingly refer to their strollers as "the beast." I mean, if we want to be able to have any form of freedom AND keep somewhat of a level of sanity, we gotta have 'em, but WOW. Do I have to again mention the words, "innovative SafeBrake System?!"

So on behalf of Jacob, Caleb, and Gabe: if any of our singleton friends need a ride, we have one extra seat. (Especially if you are a pretty girl between the age of 1 month and 2 years!)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Gabe rocked his one month appointment on Friday! It was just Gabe and I; Jon, Jacob, and Caleb stayed at the house (no reason putting twin toddlers through a boring visit to the doctor if they don't have to be seen, right?). He did really well, but had a major meltdown when he got his Hepatitis B shot. Nurses were peeking their heads in to see if everything was ok and if I needed anything. "Nope - just a few minutes to calm this little guy down before we walk out of here and frighten every child in your waiting room!"

He was 21 1/2 inches long and 9 pounds, 12 ounces. This put him at exactly 50% for height and 50% for weight, which is perfectly average! He is not growing as fast as the twins for some reason (especially Jacob, who was 11 pounds, 2 ounces at his one month appointment), but is very healthy and has zero concerns.

More great news... ECI came out on Thursday to reevaluate Jacob and Caleb since they have really taken off - literally! At 15 months, Caleb was evaluated to be at an 11 month level for motor skills while Jacob was at 12 months. MUCH to our surprise, after this evaluation, they have Caleb at a 20 month level and Jacob at a 25 month level!! That is truly unbelievable to me! I guess they really did know what they were doing all along. *crazy boys!*

I took ALL THREE boys out by MYSELF on Wednesday. It was tough, but I sure felt like Super Momma afterward. We went to our MOPS group at church. The morning was a little crazy! First of all, we had to be out the door by 8:15ish, and the boys don't normally get up until 8:30ish! I had to nurse Gabe while Jacob and Caleb ate breakfast, and since my hands were tied up, my sweet little twin toddlers thought it would be real cute to wear their bowls like hats and wipe mushed up banana on themselves. We finally load up, and the tire pressure light comes on the Odyssey! *errr!* A couple of stops at two different QT's to check tire pressure and attempt to air up the tires later, we're back on the road. I had a sweet friend help me get all three boys into the building once we got there, which was a lifesaver. (Thank you, Michelle, if you are reading this.) I have a mega-stroller that will hold all three boys (we went on a walk in it today - pics to come soon!), however it weighs a TON and I am technically still not suppose to be lifting other than the bare necessities. So we put Jacob and Caleb in the double stroller and left Gabe in his car seat/carrier. I am so glad I survived the morning chaos of getting to MOPS, as it was great to be around other Mommies for a while.

All is still going pretty well. Some days I barely keep my head afloat, but always survive.

Gotta wrap this up, but more pictures to come SOON! Here are a few for now:

Caleb showing his "Abuelo" how well he can play baseball. Notice his facial expression - he has sound effects as he makes contact with the ball.

A few pictures from the park. I didn't plan it beforehand, but their shirts really tie up the park experience!

(Gabe catching a snack!)

Super Daddy taking all three boys for a stroll. (I went along too, so he didn't have to push them like that the whole way!)

Jacob's first chocolate chip cookie!

More to come - hopefully sooner than later...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy One Month, Gabe!

Little Gabriel Elisha has been in our world for one month today! Here are a few recent pictures. We go for his one month doctor appointment tomorrow, and I'll then post his new stats. I have some other pictures of the boys at the park and around the house to post as well. For now, happy one month, Gabe! We hope that you have enjoyed living with us as much as we have loved having you!

Look at those big, expressive eyes!

It's really not funny, but this made me smile when I saw Gabe throwing a fit after I changed his diaper. The funny thing about it - notice his shirt! ;-)

Again, so alert and expressive while checking out the animals on his swing.

More to come soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

3 weeks (and going solo during the day)

Today marks 3 weeks that Gabriel has been part of our family - and we are ALL making a great transition to us being a party of 5. Jon went back to work today, and so far we are all still in one piece. I think Jon gave the twins a pep talk about being good to Momma last night, as they have been mostly sweet boys. (Only one major fight - over a book - and only one brief meltdown at lunch. But come on, for toddlers that's EXCELLENT.)

We came up with several ideas to keep all three boys happy and SAFE while I am so outnumbered during the day. The first is the beloved Pack N' Play. The twins LOVE "baby Bubba," but they are 19 month old BOYS, so that doesn't mean that they always remember the difference between "lovin' on" and banging over the head with a Little People toy!

Thus, the Pack N' Play complete with the top so that toys cannot go flying in. I mean, Mommy has to leave the room on occasion (no, I am NOT going to wear a diaper, although that was one suggestion), so this will assist me in keeping Gabe safe when I am not around. We tried it out this weekend with Jon still here to see if it would work:

Introducing all three boys to their parents' Pack N' Play idea.

Looks like it's a hit! Jacob and Caleb love to go over and "talk" to Gabe in a hilarious high pitched "baby talk." Imagine them lying on the floor next to the Pack N' Play saying "bub-ba-ba-ba..." in a super sweet high-pitched tone! hehehe

Another life saver: The Ultimate Baby Wrap.

Not only do Jacob and Caleb like to be carried in in, but we've also found it to be a hit with Gabe. (Yes, this summer even all pregger I was able to carry my almost 30 pound boys in it it is so comfy!)

Gabe is quite a snuggler, so this is perfect to keep him appeased yet have my hands free!

And to wrap it up (no pun intended), a couple of cute pictures and stories of the week for all three boys:

Caleb and Whataburger ketchup!

I seriously think love of ketchup is hereditary, and Caleb got it from me. We only let him try it recently, but the boy gets a huge grin on his face each time. His Mommy is actually obsessed with Whataburger ketchup... not sure WHY it is SO GOOD! Well, we gave him Whataburger this week (yes, I gave my baby child Whataburger - call the "Bad Mommy Patrol"), and he went NUTS for the ketchup and even picked up the container and began licking it all out. He thought it was hilarious and so do we.

By the way, that is avocado on his plate untouched. He normally loves avocado, but I suppose a Justaburger, fries, and ketchup would trump avocado in my book too. After all, Mommy didn't eat a veggie with HER meal either!

But Caleb soon figures out that he can DIP his avocado in the ketchup to maximize the amount of ketchup that he can use. (*Ugh*)

The boys learned a couple of new words this week. One of them was a phrase that they picked up yesterday: "Go Cowboys!" Nope, not kidding! I have to try to get it on video next Monday night. It's too cute to hear a little toddler put both hands in the air and say "Go Cowboys." So it's not too clear yet, but we know what they mean! The other is "fish." They have never eaten fish (other than Goldfish) nor do we own any pet fish, but Jacob spouted off with the word "shish" the other day! I finally figured out after looking at this picture, his favorite little picture book that we read over and over and over has a fish in it! So now we are working on the "f" sound to make it more of a FISH than a SHISH! It's improving. ;-)

Jacob looking at a "shish" and star"shish" in his book!

The twins got a present in the mail, and it sure made Jacob one happy boy! How fun for them to each gift in the mail along with some new, beautiful handmade bibs with matching burp cloths for little Gabe!

Thanks to Albert, Kris, Lillie, and Madeline if y'all are reading this!

And a few of little "G-Man." He is growing before our eyes!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Caleb's Twin?

So, we all know that Caleb has a fraternal twin - Jacob. From the first day that Jacob and Caleb were born, we could tell them apart without problem. They are like night and day! People told us that we should label all of our pictures, as we would not be able to tell them apart later on - definitely not the case!

We are asking ourselves now, however, if we created Caleb an identical twin 18 months later! See for yourself:

Caleb at 2 weeks

Gabe at 2 weeks

Gabe looks a little bit chunkier around the jaw line and cheeks than Caleb at that age (makes since - Gabe is getting ALL of the Mommy Milk rather than having to share with a brother), but other than that, the picture looks to be the same kid!!

If it wasn't in the day of digital and therefore all of the pictures are in chronological order, we would have to indeed mark them so that we could tell the difference between Gabe and Caleb as babies! We'll have to remember to label any ones we print out!

One more quick comparison:

Caleb at 2 weeks

Gabe at 2 weeks


Monday, September 1, 2008

A long over due Baby Gabe (and Mommy) update:

Last Thursday - August 28th - we took Gabe for his 1 week exam. (He was actually 10 days old, but since he had gained weight in the hospital, we were told by Dr. Arca that we could wait a few extra days to come in.)

Since most of my readers are Mommies too, you may already know that most all babies lose weight initially after birth. It's 100% normal, however the baby optimally will be back to his or her birth weight at two weeks of age. So, with Gabe being 7 pounds even at birth, we really wanted him to be getting close to 7 pounds again at this 10 day appointment. Since he was "eating" (gulping) so much, however, I wasn't at all worried, and Jon and I even had our suspicions that he might even be close to 7 1/2 pounds!

Well, much to our surprise, Gabe was 7 pounds and 10 ounces!! I am very proud to report that this has been from breast milk exclusively!! The lactation consultant in the hospital didn't think my supply for Gabe would be a problem since I only stopped nursing two babies 9 months prior. So, needless to say, Gabriel is really thriving!

Next we went to my appointment, where everything is healing along nicely AND we also got some great news! Because I had a c-section, that means I am restricted from lifting anything over 10 pounds for 6 weeks. The problem with that is I have two little guys (still in cribs) who weigh about 30 pounds each - and Jon is going back to work next week! My mom typically comes out one day a week, but what were we going to do with the boys the other 4 weekdays?! Well, Dr. White said that as long as I use good body mechanics (using arms and legs rather than abdominal muscles) and lift them only minimally, I can begin caring for Jacob and Caleb again next week!! What a relief! I seriously was stressed about what we were going to do.

On Friday, we took our first outing as a full family. Of course, it was nothing too exciting - to the hospital for Gabe's second PKU/blood screening - but still good to get out and see that it is definitely possible. All three of the boys did great! We even stopped at Chick-Fil-A on the way home. (We got it to-go rather than eating there; it was getting close to lunch and then nap time - we are brave, but not completely crazy!)

Sunday we made our second big family outing to Joe T. Garcia's for my Granny's 72nd birthday party. It's our family tradition to go there for her birthday every year. Granny was pretty surprised that we made it this year with all three boys in tow, but we were so glad that we did! Again, the boys were great. Jacob and Caleb were way over-stimulated and stuffed with good Tex-Mex and cake by the time we left (they had - literally - about 100 pictures taken of them) and were ready for a nap, but considering all of that, they were angels.

We take our family pictures at Joe T's every year, so this picture is actually there:

And the one from last year to compare:

The boys have matured so much in the past year! They are really about the same size, but look so much older. (As a matter of fact, they are wearing the same size diapers as last year - size 4 - and even mostly the same clothing size - 18 months, although they do wear a lot of size 24 month now too.)

Here's us with the "birthday girl" and Grandpa:

And, lastly, Gabe and Mommy:

I mostly want to show off my cute shirt! I actually got it at the Texas Mothers of Multiples Convention back in April. It is supposed to be triplets, however, I figured nobody outside of that convention or especially anyone without multiples would immediately look at it and think "triplets," but rather three boys. I guessed right, as everyone commented on how cute my "three boys - bling" shirt was!

I have one more post coming tomorrow... :-)