Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today's the Day!

Today's the BIG DAY!! Are you as excited as me? (OK, probably not, but just humor me!)

If you live in Texas, today is the last day to vote in the Primary Race. It is a very close race this year - make your vote count!

Just want to remind everyone...

It an awesome PRIVILEGE that we are blessed to have as Americans - PLEASE don't take advantage of it.

If you have questions about any of the candidates or WHERE you go to vote, please email me and I will help you out.

I do have my strong views on "MY" particular candidate, but that's not important. I seriously think that what IS important is that YOU choose the candidate best suited for you and your views for the future of America. Having grown up in an extremely patriotic, political family, I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THIS!! (Heck, I am consistently the minority vote in my family - but they still allow me, reluctantly, at family gatherings! hehehe)

Also, to those of you who have already early voted, don't forget that your vote can count twice in the great state Texas!! They are calling it the "Texas Two-Step" (kinda cute). You vote once, and then Caucus. (Show up at your Precinct voting place at/by 7:15 pm, put your name on a list, and your vote does count again!!) Let me know if you have questions about this as well.

Wish Jon and I luck as we take the boys out at 7:00 tonight to Caucus!

I LOVE this video! I think a lot of Texans can relate. I especially relate to the SAHM/Former Teacher/Pastor's Wife in Weatherford (which is very close to where I grew up - a pretty rural, conservative area). Check it out!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

We "Ba-ROCKED the Vote" and Then Had Another Scare

Jacob and Caleb made it through their first election process!
(All of us after casting our ballots)

After Jon got off work Friday, we headed out to Keller Town Hall to early vote in the 2008 Democratic Primary. We made it there at 6:40 - 20 minutes before the polls closed - to see a huge line. This actually made me quite happy, seeing the large turn out!

The only worry was these two little munchkins... (Notice how Mommy dressed them for their first election!)

Luckily you must be IN LINE by 7:00, not have voted. So we waited and waited...

And finally made it into the polling room!

Jacob was talkative as we entered the voting room, so Daddy had to remind him that, as much as he wanted to get his last word in to the other voters about Barack Obama, no campaigning is allowed where folks are casting ballots!

And WE DID IT! Here are Daddy and the worn out boys afterward.

And then with Mommy, wearing a tight red sweater to show off "Baby S!"

To celebrate (and because it sounded good to "Baby S"), we then headed to CiCi's Pizza where the boys each had a slice of spinach pizza. (Even thought they both had pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, carrots, and blueberry sauce right before we left to go vote!)

It was a bit little chaotic, but, hey, that's just our life!

We look forward to attending (boys allowing) the caucus Tuesday night. Wish us luck on that one!!

THEN last night at 5:30 am, I ended up at the Baylor Grapevine ER. This pregnancy has been more "dramatic" in the last few weeks than my supposed high-risk twin pregnancy! What the heck?!

Without giving "TMI," Baby and I are both FINE, however I still have a catheter in (yes, while I am at home). My flow of urine was completely obstructed, it seems - they think and WE HOPE - from all of the constipation I have been having. Basically, I CANNOT urinate AT ALL without a catheter. That is why I woke up at 3:00 am in excruciating pain - I have to go really, REEEAAALLLY BAD, but can't.

No, I've never heard of such a thing either, but, well, there you have it! Crazy, crazy!

I REALLY looked pregnant when I went into the ER, and after they immediately drained 2 liters of urine, the "baby bump" deflated again.

Not sure why all of this unbelievably crazy stuff keeps happening...

I go back on Monday after the whole "clean out process" this weekend. They'll try to remove the catheter, keep me there a while, and see what happens.

Jon said maybe this little one is in fact a girl, and she is a real Drama Queen!! Whatever the case is, little one needs to STOP IT!!!