Monday, May 18, 2009

Feeding Time at the Seastrunk Zoo!

I know that it has been over a month since my last blog! I suppose I left any readers out there hanging about how the potty training went. Just so you know, the boys have rocked potty traning, in my opinion! (Not counting Gabe, of course, we have used ZERO diapers and only about 4 pull-ups since April 17th - this DOES include nap time and bed time!) I'll post more about potty training later - I promise - but for now, I just want to rant while I have a free second or two... because it's my blog and I can, dang it! :-)


I knew having three kids within 18 months would not be easy, but this has been ridiculous lately. Many days I just try to stay afloat until 7:00, when Jon finally gets home and provides back up.

People often make a statement which REALLY cracks me up: "Wow - I guess having ONE BABY is easy after having TWINS, right?" (Note: if you are one who has made this comment, no worries, as I see where you were coming from when making the comment. And don't feel silly, as MANY people have made it.)

YES, YES, YES, having one baby IS indeed easier than two babies, sure. BUT, the twins haven't gone anywhere! If the twins had just packed their stuff and moved out when little Gabe came along, YES, one baby would be much easier than raising twin babies. BUT, life is MUCH, MUCH more difficult with twin toddlers AND ONE BABY!!!

The highlight of most days is lunch. ("WUNCH," as the twinados would say) It's not my fun time of day here lately, and today was definitely no exception. Just a little bit about what occurs during my lunch hour...

I sneak out of the room to get the plates ready before the boys go to the table, in attempt to prevent a melt down. Usually one sees me and requests "wunch," nicely at first. I tell them that I am going to fix "wunch," and will let them know when it is ready. Some days this works. Other days, like today, they run to the kitchen, throw themselves dramatically at the kitchen gate, and scream "Mommmm-maaaaaa, WWWWUUUNNCHHH, PWWWEEEEESE...." As if they didn't just have a huge breakfast and snack earlier in the day. So I proceed to make their plates, carry on a conversation in attempt to distract, and try my best to ignore the screams. During this process, at least one of them ends up going to time out for throwing something my way, hitting/biting their brother, or some other offense.

As I am carrying them, kicking and screaming to time out, I do try to rationalize (haha), "you, know, the more you distract Momma from making your lunch, the longer it is going to take to get to your tummy."

So, 30 minutes (on average) later, I have completed a task which should only take 10 minutes or less, and all four of our plates are ready to go. (Yes, Gabe is eating with us now - with my help.)

We then walk to the table, touching the stove, pantry, refrigerator, and every other interesting thing along the way. THEY want to be the ones to climb up and buckle their own booster seats - and SHREAK if I dare try to help, in attempt to speed up the process.

We say our prayer - "Food, faith, and forgiveness, AMEN!" (a shortened, toddler, easier to say version of the Lord's Prayer) - and get the plates. If all goes well, they say "Thank you, Momma," and eat. Yes, this does happen some days... and then there are days like today.

"Noooo....," Jacob screams, as he throws a spoonful of Mac and Cheese.
"Jacob, stop that, you love Mac and Cheese - do you need an Uh-Oh time (time out)?"
"NO! PUFFS!!!"
(He wants some of Gabe's puffs rather than his own lunch.)
"Jacob, those are for the BABY, not the big boys. But you can have a couple AFTER you finish your lunch if you'd like."
(Caleb parrots everything now and says "Aff - wunch.")

A minute or so of this passes, and Jacob is sent off to his room. I come back to Gabe getting ansy, and Caleb crying "pee-pee, pee-pee" while grabbing "himself."

"Caleb, do you REALLY have to go pee-pee? Seriously?!"

He stops, starts eating his food, so I take a bite of my food while giving Gabe a bite of his. Jacob has been quiet, so I go "save him" from time out. As I sit back down, take one bite, and then give Gabe one more bite, Caleb begins rocking in his seat, eyes wide, "pee-pee, Momma, PEE-PEE!!"

CRAP - he is SERIOUS!! So, Caleb goes "pee-pee."
"Yippee, Caleb - high-five - now let's go back to lunch."

By this time, Jacob has devoured his plate. "Moore?"
"OK, sit down, Caleb; what do you want more of, Jacob?"

OK, Jacob had more - let's try this again.

My food is cold, but I am hungry, so I get a few more bites and give poor little Gabe a few more bites

Now Jacob is grabbing himself and rocking.

Back to the potty.

Yea, Jacob! But as we come back, Caleb is asking for "moore."

Gabe is getting more and more ansy to finish HIS lunch!

OK, Caleb, more...

I get up, and Gabe finally looses it and is TICKED!! *melt down alert!*

Jacob is finished with lunch, and ready to get down.

This pace goes on, but the dramatic conclusion is that Jacob sits at the table against his will, munching on puffs (remember - I did bargain that he could have a few if he just ATE!) as we waits on us, Caleb plays with his broccoli, every so often taking a bite when he catches me looking, and end up holding Gabe as I feed him, since he is too ticked off to sit in his highchair any longer. Oh, and I do get to consume a couple of dino-shaped nuggets and a couple of spoonfuls of mac and cheese.

Several phrases that are often heard during lunch (and were probably tossed in throughout the dialogue above) include:

"Where's your spoon?" (My nice way of implying: "Oh, good gracious, USE YOUR SPOON and not your flippin' HANDS while eating yogurt!")

"Take one bite and then sit it down, please." (My nice way of implying: DO NOT stuff the whole freakin' piece of bread in your mouth - you are NOT starving to death and you're going to CHOKE doing that!)

"Do NOT throw food at Momma!!" (No being nice about this one.)

"Do NOT throw your plate on the floor!" (Again, no more Mrs. Nice Momma here.)

A phrase that is often heard a breakfast, but should also be included here is, "Put your bowl down - Do NOT put the bowl of oatmeal on your HEAD!" (Oh, and you better believe that if one boy puts the bowl of oatmeal on their head, the other will think it is hysterical and do the same.)

Getting the savage beasts, I mean, MY SWEET CHILDREN fed definitely drains my energy.

Just had to vent a little...

People always ask me how I "do it" with three kiddos under three years of age. I am not sure how to answer that rather than, "well, I just DO!"

We finally all got fed, cleaned up, pottied again, read three stories, and down for nap. Well, the BOYS all got a nap anyway. I guess I could have rather than venting, but I just had to let all of my blogger buddies in on what we have been up to.

Next time I will be back to my nice, pleasant self. I promise! :-)

I was working on a potty update blog about a month ago now, and got side tracked. I'll finish it up SOON!

The laundry is dry... so BACK TO WORK for me!