Monday, November 24, 2008

"Lighting the Flame" this Saturday night

I just wanted to let y'all know about a way cool family event going on at my church this weekend. It is called "Lighting the Flame," and it will kick off the Advent Season and start of the Christian calendar.

It will be held Saturday, November 29th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Irving Bible Church. The event is designed to prepare us for the celebration of the birth of Christ, using hands-on activities, crafts, music, etc.

Last year the boys were only 9 months, but had a great time "singing," helping Mommy and Daddy make an Advent wreath, having some yummy cranberry bread and sips of apple cider, and petting the animals at the live Nativity scene. I imagine, with them being older and the addition of Gabriel, it will be even more fun!!

If anyone has questions, needs directions, or wants to join my family and I, please let me know! With all the hustle and bustle going on during the Holidays, it's great to stop for an evening, spend time with family, AND reflect on what Christmas is truly about. We are making this a yearly tradition so that our children will grow up knowing that there is so much more behind Christmas than cool toys, cookies, and a fat dude dressed in red. ;-)

ALSO - be sure to check out my other two latest posts:

MercyMe Rickrolls
it and Yoga - a "4 letter word?"'

I haven't blogged much lately, so I just wanted to draw your attention to the other two in case you missed them.

Again, we'd love to have you join us - let me know if we should expect you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

MercyMe Rickrolls it!

I saw a video my friend, Michael, posted on facebook that cracked me up! It was MercyMe doing a little improve type ditty of "Take On Me." So... I wandered over to youtube, where I found LOTS of "Cover Tune Grab Bags" that had me rolling!

Jon and I stayed up waaay too late after the boys went down last night watching them all. Some of the bests include:

My favorite - I think (they are ALL so funny so I guess I don't have a favorite) - is when they Rickrolled it to "Never Gonna Give You Up"

And "Hold Me Now" was great! How could they not bust out laughing?!

Also "Ice, Ice, Baby" and "Don't Stop Believin'" were awesome. Oh, and don't miss the dancing in "Jesus Is Still Alright With Me" and the sweet tiger in "Eye of the Tiger!" "It's The End Of The World" was very impressive! I could sit here and list them ALL, but I'll just let you check them out for yourself.

I was way behind on my blogs, but today I saw that my friend Jade (Michael's wife) had posted a blog about it. OH - interestingly enough, it is ALSO on the PowerFM blog (*wink,wink*)

From Jade's blog:
Make sure you check out Bart's dancing in the "Jesus Is Just Alright" video! These are the guys who brought you the gut-wrenching, makes-me-cry-every-time-I-hear-it "I Can Only Imagine"...and then here they are in all their glory... Oh dear.

This will truly go down as "CLASSIC" in my book! See many of them on MercyMe's blog Cover Tune Grab Bag feature or just go to youtube and do a search for MercyMe Cover Tune Grab Bag. Lots will come up!

Hope you get as good of a laugh as me! Which one is your favorite?

Yoga - a "4 letter word?"

Recently there was a blog on "Stuff Christians Like," a hilarious yet sometimes thought provoking (in a silly sort of way) blogspot site, called "Not knowing what to do with yoga."

Also this weekend, there was a news story released forbidding Muslims from doing Yoga. "Yoga is forbidden for Muslims. The practice will erode their faith in the religion," Abdul Shukor Husin, chairman of the government-backed National Fatwa Council, told reporters. Yoga forbidden for Muslims in Malaysia

I honestly never knew that Yoga was controversial. I mean, I have recently gotten into some controversial debates over various other topics, but Yoga?!

Many of you know that I practice Yoga. Not as much now, but I "used to" (pre-Momma times) practice with zeal! I am even certified through the Radiant Child® Yoga Program (Level 1 & 2) by the wonderful Shakta Kaur Khalsa herself! (I just never taught anyone... yet... but am starting with Jacob and Caleb!)

After the twins sent me into the "evils" of bed rest, I lost LOTS of muscle tone and flexibility, and yoga then became frustrating. (Not to mention difficult, as my feet hit the ground running with the caring for the twins!) About the time I was ready to get into it again, I was pregnant with Gabe. So, anyway, I have recently started getting back into Yoga, and now I am seeing several of these articles pop up.

What are your thoughts?


As with most things in life, it matters more where your heart and thoughts are rather than WHAT you are actually doing.

Some people do closely incorporate yoga into their religion - Sikhs, Christians, among others - but it does not, or SHOULD not, encompass the entire religion.

Now, also keep in mind, there are SEVERAL types of yoga, including, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, etc... I practice Hatha and some Kundalini Yoga. Most Americans think of as yoga is merely being a form of exercise, but "yoga," in its true form, is MUCH, MUCH more than some silly stretching exercises - more than I have the time to go into here.

I do have some limits on what I "believe" from each form of yoga as well. I mostly focus on the asanas (postures) along with basic pranayama (special types of breathing). I really connect with the music as well, mostly using inspirational and Christian - can't beat yoga done to some Chris Tomlin praise music. How can briefly clearing ones mind from the constant, ongoing chatter of the world around us and the "gotta do this next" laundry list, while praising God for the miracle of life, WHILE strengthening and toning your body be wrong?!

To close, here are a few yogi pics of me in 2003 on Enchanted Rock:

Vrksasana, Tree Pose

Virabhadrasana I, Warrior I Pose

Bhujangasana, Cobra Pose

Utthita Trikonasana, Triangle Pose

And one of my favorites... Viparita Karani, Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose. Simple, yet actually clears the mind and may have the power to cure whatever ails you!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Craziness Abounds! (October in a Nutshell)

October was truly a crazy, whirlwind month... and November is keeping up the pace. In short, here are a few things that come to mind:

My uncle was in a terrible accident on October 2nd, and we lost him on October 9th. (Keep praying for his family.)

We made our Second Annual trip to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch.

Jon and I got to sneak away for a few football games: a Cowboys game, an Aggie game, and a TCU game!

I co-hosted a baby shower for a dear childhood friend. (It's crazy to think that I have friends whom I have known for over 20 years!)

My mom had parathyroid surgery on October 16th.

Gabe turned two months old on October 18th.

(Gabe hanging with his Grandpa Ken.)

Jon turned 31 years old on October 20th!

Jacob and Caleb had their first dentist appointment on October 20th.

(Playing in the Dentist's waiting room.)

Jon and I both early voted on October 20th! (Yup - a busy day indeed)

Jon and I went to an adult Halloween party on October 25th (after the TCU game!).

I made it back to the October McMoms meeting and a play date.

Jacob, Caleb, and Gabe went trick or treating for the first time.

(Having dinner at Chick-fil-a before scoring some candy for Momma!)

Oh, and bear in mind that all of these things were in addition to caring for the twinados and Gabe, making sure that we have our daily walks.

And then there was November...

*WHEW!* It's enough to wear you out...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Liberal Christian?

I have recently gotten into some in depth political discussions with some friends on Facebook. I am shocked about how much we differ! I especially find it ironic that several of us share the same faith, which has lead someone to ask me how I can justify my vote alongside Christianity. I was even portrayed as some anti-American, cold-hearted crazy lady, which is completely not me. (Crazy - yeah, sure; anti-American or cold-hearted - actually quite the opposite!) Since I had typed so much, I thought I cut and paste in order to would share some of it here as well. These are in response to questions asked of me. If you choose to read it, it will give a you a huge glimpse of what a "Christian liberal" looks like!

The truth is that I am just a good ol' small-town, Christ-following girl who grew up hunting and farming on our land - much like many Republicans - yet my morals, conscious, and Christian values point me more to the Democratic side. I come from a family of hard-working Democrats, including my grandfather who was a very pro-union tool and die maker for General Dynamics. We never had a lot, yet always felt that we were still more well off than many others. I show love to my neighbors (whether or not they believe the same as me), and feel the call to respond to the needs of the poor, weak, and oppressed just the way the Bible says that we should. I refer back to the Word of the Lord in Matthew 25 - "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for THE LEAST OF THESE, you did for me." I also respect ALL people, whether or not I personally agree with them or their lifestyle, just as Christ has called me to do. I have dear friends who are Republican as well as who are Democrats, who are straight as well as who are gay/lesbian, who are Christian as well as of other Religious views (Muslim, Buddhist, etc - and even Atheist), who are American-Caucasian like me as well as friends from multiple other countries and of every "color".... that list can go on and on - but the sum of it is I am tolerant.

"The Constitution says government can't restrict [guns/ammo]."

Sure, the Constitution states that we have a right to bear arms, and nobody will take that away. People just differ on HOW MUCH to control guns - but EVERYONE does believe in some form of "gun control." For example, do what want your child's teacher to keep a gun in his or her desk just in case the kids get unruly? Of course not! She does not "need" that, and it would be absurd to allow it, even if she does "want" it. But some could argue "isn't that her right?!" I just personally don't feel, like I have previously stated, every yahoo out there needs to have easy access to assault riffles. Nobody really needs an M4 Carbine lying around their home - sorry. (I do agree that they can still get them if they want, but why make it any easier.)

Again, I am actually PRO GUN! Along the lines of NRA, I have no problems with the organization as a whole. They do some good things, but to have Obama's picture on the cover of the magazine implies to people that he will indeed take all of their guns away, which is not truthful. As I have stated, we own guns, have them in our home, and I grew up around them my entire life. I colored the Eddie Eagle coloring sheets and had the "Stop, Leave the area, Tell an adult" motto drilled though my head (does anyone else remember those?!), and will be teaching my boys the same.

I think Rachel Maddow must bother some to the extent Rush bothers me - I enjoy Rachel Maddow (I don't personally hear any "outright cruelty" from her; her wit and sarcasm make me smile and chuckle a little inside), yet Rush and especially Levin get my blood boiling.

When a person says "you" to mean "liberals" as described in the manner above, they are actually making a HUGE stereo-typical generalization in which I will argue and take offense. I have 100% RESPECT for ANYONE who has served our country in any capacity. Although I don't agree with the war at hand, those soldiers are just doing their job, and many don't agree with the war either. I do not know of anyone personally who has had anything less than respect for a soldier who is "just doin' what they're told," but am sadly aware that those people do exist. On the other hand, I do not think every "conservative" has blown up a Planned Parenthood site or killed a doctor who performs such procedure, even though those people sadly exist too. There are obviously extremes on both sides.


I don't think I can make it clear enough that I am anti-abortion. It PERSONALLY saddens my heart and quite frankly makes me sick to my stomach - in any trimester. (As a matter of fact, we are about to celebrate one year of having Gabe in our lives, just as we did with Jacob and Caleb when they were 2 1/2 months old!) HOWEVER, just as it is not anyone's place to take away your guns, it is not our place to prohibit anyone having an abortion as long as Roe v. Wade is still in place. I value the sanctity of life (just like the lives of those serving in Iraq and the blood shed from innocent Iraqi children, women, and men) and, being a nurse and Momma, know full well that the heart begins beating in 18 days - a time before most women know that they are pregnant. I understand that, however, since abortion is indeed legal, it is not my place to tell a woman that she "cannot" choose that path. It's only my right to make her aware of other options if she allows me to do so, and then pray. If a woman does choose abortion, she is not therefore a monster, just a fellow Child of God who needs some love and support through a undoubtedly difficult time in her life.

In addition (and this is a HUGE one for me), the Republican Party has had multiple opportunities to overturn Roe v. Wade (when they had control of the House, Senate, AND Presidency for 6 years), yet has not done so. Therefore, why in the world would I vote for them on merely one issue (which is not being addressed) when there are SO MANY more issues out there (HEALTH CARE, human rights, the economy, etc)?

Abortions did occur prior to 1973, and would still occur even if RvW was overturned. They are at an all-time low now (have been in decline continuously for 20 years), mostly because entities such as Planned Parenthood are available to give women other options.

And for the record, I am a supporter of BOTH Planned Parenthood AND area Pregnancy Resource Centers. I would love to make every woman aware of all of their options before choosing an abortion, yet am an even stronger advocate of preventing "unwanted" or "unplanned" (I hate those terms) pregnancies in the first place through more effective sex-ed/birth control rather than abstinence only education. I'd be great if everyone waited until they were ready for and wanted a child to have sex, yet it's not reality, so why not make teens and adults alike aware of other options! After all, many abortions do occur in MARRIED women who just don't want a child at that time. The biggest goal of PPNT is advocating the right of every person to receive education and proper birth control to actually PREVENT abortions from occurring.

Do you consider good, old fashion birth control pills to be a form of abortion? I am not being sarcastic there! By strict definition, they do cause very early abortions, yet many pro-lifers are on them... just curious...

*WHEW* I feel better now that I've justified my stance! I am open and would love to hear other views as well. Like I mentioned, I am TOLERANT of my fellow man. This really is all very interesting to me.

Thanks to those who made it this far!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote!

We took these pics in our Obama/USA gear to encourage all of you to get out and vote today!

Remember my post from back in March...

My name is Amber Seastrunk, and I approve this message...

Don't forget...

Get off of your... AND VOTE!!

Whether you're an elephant or a donkey, get out there today to cast your oh so important vote!

Paid for by, uhhh, I guess Jon Seastrunk, my husband, since he works to pay our bills, including the internet connection.