Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas with Toddlers

The twins are really getting into Christmas this year! They actually seem to understand a lot of what's going on. Many of their comments are cracking us up, so I through I would share the laughs.

Last night at dinner, Jacob was really being a "toot," whining about everything and not wanting to eat. Finally Jon said "Jacob, that is enough - if you scream one more time you are going to time out!!" He still proceeded to scream, so Jon stood up - still no reaction from Jacob. Caleb's mouth dropped open and he said "Jacob, Santa is watching you!!!" Jacob immediately stopped crying. His big blue eyes became huge, and he instantly turned back into a good boy. He ate all of the rest of his dinner quietly, and then asked very nicely for yogurt. It was a complete 180.

Since that moment, I cannot tell you have many times I have heard them remind each other, "Santa's watchin', Bubba!"

This morning the utility room door was open, and Caleb saw the vacuum cleaner. He asked to have it, and I told him no, that it was Mommy's. He looked at me very seriously, as if he was soaking in what I had said. He then said, "I be back," as he ran off to his bedroom. I tip toed behind him to see what in the world he was doing. There little Caleb stood, looking out his window with the sweetest smile. (Note: We have an inflatable Santa just outside the twins' bedroom window.) "Santa, I want a vacuuume pweesee?!" He turned to retreat back to the living room, but then turned back towards the window and shouted "thank you, Santa!"

Tonight in the play room we had another great instance. Jacob got really wound up - which he does often. He wanted to wrestle and tackle Caleb, but Caleb kept telling him no. After some time, Caleb got on one of the toy phones and spoke into it: "Hi, Santa. I be good. But Jay-Jay be BAD!" He finished his sentence with a huge "Caleb giggle!"

The inflatable Santa mentioned above has been quite a source of entertainment for our guys. They have spent much time admiring him, as well as our two deer, other lights, and candy canes lining the drive. We have our Christmas lights sat on a timer so that they come on at dark, and remain on for 6 hours. Without power, Santa of course collapses. Because of this, they are now convinced that Santa is nocturnal. :-) The second day we had the lights in our yard, the boys opened their blinds and were horrified to see Santa collapsed! The twins kept asking "Mommy, Santa ok? He ok, Momma?!?!" I told him that Santa was just resting. So, they now report that "Santa asleep all day, but he get up after dark!" They periodically check on him and each time tell him, "Night-night, Santa."

The coolest thing, however, is that when we ask them "what is Christmas," they both reply "it Jesusess burfhday!" :-)

A little unrelated, but still very funny - Gabe sneezed the other day. (The twins have both gotten really good at saying "Bless You" when someone sneezes, as well as "Scuse me" when they burp - but that's another story!) Nobody said anything to Gabe, so I asked, "Boys, what do you say when someone sneezes?" I got completely blank looks. You could have heard crickets chirping. So, I ask again. At this point I think Caleb is on to what I want him to say, but instead gave me his infamous sly, impish little Caleb grin (this should have been my first clue that he was planning to say something funny). I ask, "Caleb, what do Mommy and Daddy say to you when you sneeze?" *big smarty pants grin* “Mommy say - cover your mouth, Cay-Cay!”

It's never a dull moment around here!

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