Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Football Has Begun!

Today was a lot like Christmas morning around the Seastrunk House... college football has begun! It was an exciting day, and the boys were all pretty good while we watched bits and pieces of several games. We took our yearly 12th Man photos, and Jon is currently editing them now. But until then, I thought I would include some of the "outtake" photos. Enjoy! More to come soon...

Jacob put his boots on by himself - that was NOT our idea.

Doesn't Caleb always look like he is up to something?!

Jon had to get in on the fun too!

"Face mask, #12, Gabriel Seastrunk, 15 yard penalty..."

What a GREAT shot of all of the boys!!

Head to head with Momma...

... and Momma got SACKED!

Gabe actually does have a good arm!

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