Thursday, August 27, 2009

If you can't say anything nice...

This blog has been pretty quiet lately. Since about March until July, not a lot had gone our way. I guess I have just not wanted to be a downer. Don't get me wrong, things could definitely be a lot worse, but let's not even THINK about that!!! Jon and I have agreed that March of this year until the last several weeks or so had been the most rotten time of either of our lives. No kidding. We are all still alive and mostly well, but one little thing after the other was going wrong.

Jon has said that it is like the "Perfect Storm" around our house. In addition to nothing really going right, we also have three toddlers in our house - two who are in the midst of the terrible twos, AND Jon has been working crazy long hours. That combination is not good!

So, just to name a few crazy things:

We had almost baseball sized (2 1/4 in) hail, which did a number on our roof and vehicles (mostly Jon's truck)

Our next door neighbor's house caught fire, scarily close to our house (this happened in May, and they are still out almost every day restoring the house)

Our microwave broke

Our bathroom toilet broke

Another hail storm came through, doing a little more damage

Both bathroom sinks broke (Jon and his dad had to replace two of the sinks)

I fell and badly hurt my left knee (this was in June - it is still is visibly bruised and very tender to the touch. I am *thinking about* going to the doctor for it since it WAS two months ago now!)

Our 20 year old Bradford Pear tree died, and we had to pay someone to come out and remove it and plant a new tree

I broke my right "baby" toe!

Jon's grandmother had to have a hospital stay

I was rear-ended, and therefore had to deal with insurance companies, auto repair companies, set up a rental car (by the way, it is NOT an easy task to track down a van/mini-van during the summer while lots of family are taking road trips), and see the chiropractor three times a week

We also completely potty trained two boys - including night time - during all of this.

This is not mentioning the day-to-day drama of having three BOYS (and they are ALL BOY!) under the age of three!

So, yeah, I have just mostly kept quiet. In addition, I just haven’t had much down time to blog. We are all doing much better now - thank you God. Jacob and Caleb are getting a little easier *some days*, and Gabe has made it to ONE year. The twins have started going to a preschool program Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 – 2:00. This gives me time with one baby - which I am finding is a piece of cake in comparison! Perhaps with things somewhat slowing down, I can update more often. I have said that in the past, however, so I am not making any promises!

More to come on our day to day adventures…


Hagen and Mason said...

Hey Amber -
Sorry to hear about your 'perfect storm'! I understand about the terrible twos, my boys are in the mist of it also! I can't imagine dealing with their tantrums and frustration with a 1 year old in tow. Just think, it can only go up from here, right?
We decided not to do the preschool program yet for our boys, but let me know how your boys are doing with it and if you like the program. We are going to do one next year!
Hope to see you at the meeting tonight, maybe it will give you a nice little break :-)

Melissa said...

That IS a lot of stuff to go through in a few short months! I can totally "feel your pain", empathize, whatever, with you 'cause things areound Casa de Lotspeich have been totally nuts, too. I find myself wistfully imagining my life pre-baby, when things were simple and uncomplicated and somewhat spontaneous. We have recently taken custody of my sister's son, so our family dynamic has drastically changed. I'm having thyroid surgery on Friday, and I'm having to balance all of this with a full-time (less than stress-free) job as a teacher.

Sometimes I get pretty bummed about it all, but I am trying very hard to live in the moment, focus on our blessings, and give the best of myself each day. It's all I can do.

Our situations could be much worse, your's and mine. We have loving, supportive husbands who are our partners in all aspects. We have healthy children. And we have families who're willing to jump in and lend a hand when they can.

You and I could discuss and dish much over margaritas one day. Let me know when you have a hankering for a girls' night out. We don't live too far from each other...

Hang in there, Mama. This too shall pass.

Joanne said...

Sorry life has been so sucktastic lately. I was wondering why you had been so quiet lately.

Hope life returns to normal (whatever that is) soon.

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