Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcoming Summer...

... with watermelon,

water guns,

icy pops,

and daiquiris!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gabe is 9 months!

Since I just posted a Potty Training Update on the Twins, I thought I should go ahead and post Gabe's latest info as well!

On May 20th, he had his 9 Month Well Child Check Up. Can you believe he has been outside of my body as long as he was inside growing?

He is doing AWESOME, but is still very little. He was 17 pounds, 12 ounces (which puts him in the 10th percentile) and 27 1/2 inches long (which puts him in the 25th percentile for length).

Gabriel is extremely active, and he actually sleeps less than the twins!! He is a sweet, sweet boy, but sure keeps us hopping!

We did it!!

We started the potty-training-in-3-days thing on April 17th. Supposedly you go through the program, and the child(ren) are then 100% potty training with no accidents including night time and nap time. It is straight up "cold turkey" plain cotton undies from the get go. We went into it knowing it would be a rough few days, but thought that this method would be the best for our family and circumstances in the long run. With Jon being gone so many hours out of the day, trying to train TWO boys at once, still tending to Gabe (who is nursing - therefore I can't drop everything and get two little guys to the potty in a moments notice), we need to get the most bang for our buck, per se. I HAD to do the hardest 3 days with Jon here. otherwise I KNEW that I would either give up or completely lose my mind.

Even with Jon here, poor Gabe got "neglected" a lot. Not really - but he's just didn't get near as much attention/cuddle time as he is accustomed and therefore has had to hang out in the swing a lot. But he made up for it by getting up about 5 or so times throughout the night during those three days! He's so rotten!

Anyway, Jon was able to stay home from work on Friday, April 17th, and we went for it. We had some good moments... and some not so good (messy) moments. (Think: the boys running to the bathroom after they have already started going on hard wood floors, and then slipping in the pee-pee! LOL!)

The morning of Day 2, Jon made the comment, "I feel like we are getting ready for Two-A-Days!" It is so true - it was not only mentally, but also physically challenging, as we would have to often pick up their almost 35 pound bodies and run them to the potty!

I had to call on (phone, message, email) a few friends for support/encouragement (thank you, ladies!). We then tweaked the program to include giving the boys suckers while they sat on the potty (to keep their little hinies planted on the potty seats). We did this because Caleb would tell us that he had to "pee-pee," go to the potty, sit down, then immediately jump up, clapping, telling us "all done-done!" (No, he had not yet gone!)

After Day 3, Jacob HAD IT down 100%! Caleb, as always, had to give me some problems. Caleb is so stubborn and strong willed, and always has been. I know that personality type has a lot of great qualities, but it sure is tough on the parents! At one point, I took Caleb off by himself and showed him a diaper, a Pull-Up, and cotton undies. I asked him to decided what he wanted, and told him that I would not be disappointed in him no matter what he chose. Thankfully, that worked and he got mad, saying "No diaper, UNDIES!" So, we continued on with undies. By Day 4, he too had it down.

The boys are actually wearing cotton undies for nap and bedtime too. So, YES, after 3 days, we got them 100% potty trained! We have used Pull-Ups on two occasions. The first week the boys had a dentist appointment, and I put them in those to prevent having to jump up from the dentist chair and run to the restroom. I didn't want to waste our dentist's valuable time for a false alarm... but in case it wasn't a false alarm, I didn't want to soak his chair! hahaha But, they did not pee-pee in the Pull-Ups even. (The other time I had to drive all three boys to Irving in the the rain in rush hour traffic. I thought it would be better to have that barrier rather than me trying to whip over to the side if the road in those conditions, risking an accident at the first shout of "pee-pee, Mommy!!")

On a funny side note, the Pull-Ups had Lightening McQueen on them, and Jacob LOVED it! He refused to take off his Pull-Up after we got home from the dentist, as he wanted to keep wearing the "Cars Undies." I called Jon at work, and he so graciously went to Wal-Mart on his way home to pick up some REAL Cars Undies. Jacob finally changed from the Pull-Up. He gets really upset when we go to the underwear drawer to find that the Cars Undies are dirty.

We very rarely have accidents now, and when we do it is almost always at night. (They each wet the bed about once a week or less at this point.) The only other problem is that they don't like to potty in public! I mean, who does though, right?! As of now, we have to take their potty seat in the van and walk outside our location to go in the parking lot. Jacob has gone in a public restroom a couple of times, but Caleb would rather hold it until he is crying before peeing in a public potty! That has caused a little challenge, but I guess it is better than them having accidents!

Anyway, so that is pretty much our potty training experience! Now we just have to work on little Gabriel... ;-)